The Value of Brand Storytelling

No matter how digital our world becomes, human-to-human connections are still the heart and soul of doing business.

One of the strongest ways to build these critical human-to-human connections is through storytelling.

Think of how enraptured we were as children listening to stories. Then think of the brands that you like now as an adult.

Chances are, your favourite brands have captured your imagination and loyalty because of their stories. They’re not communicating with you through spammy ads or by drowning you in facts and figures about their business.

Instead, they’re placing you, the customer, front and centre in how they communicate. In South Africa, Nandos is an excellent example of how to do this.

Good stories are also not the preserve of large companies alone. Small and medium sized businesses can use storytelling in a highly effective way too.

Working with a writer will help you weave your business story into a narrative that delights your customers. And helps you build those all important human-to-human connections that every business needs.

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