Add Trust to your Marketing and Public Relations Campaigns

Today, most brands have a digital presence. And that’s exactly as it should be. But the online world has also inundated people with more information than they can absorb. The result is that consumers have become extremely savvy at zoning out and ignoring your marketing. So how do you get their attention? The answer is to add traditional PR campaigns to your marketing mix. Edelman, a leading global communications firm, annually researches the level of trust people feel in various industries. This research is shared in their yearly Trust Barometer Report. Their findings, for the last few years, have shown that people are starting to increase their trust in the media again. For one simple reason; they expect the media to act as a curator for the information they need to know. Publishers may be online or print (and there are signs that print is staging a comeback – just like vinyl!). It’s easier for people to keep up with a few trusted sources than with countless websites day after day. A PR campaign also bestows credibility on your business. Appearing in a trusted source, written about by a third party is more reassuring to a potential customer than reading information on your own website.

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