Creating a Solid PR Pitch Strategy

Creating a solid PR pitch strategy is the secret to a PR campaign that delivers positive results for your business.
A robust pitch strategy that catches the attention of key media has five elements.
1. Thorough research – Understand the trade media landscape and the ongoing conversations you want to be part of. Research how your competitors are working with the media.
2. Focus on a campaign goal – Media campaigns are run differently for different reasons. It’s critical to understand who you want to speak to no matter what your campaign goal is. Spend time thinking about your audience and how best to communicate with them
3. Target the correct media – Spend some time researching the topics that various journalists or editors cover. Sending your pitch to the correct editor is half the battle won.
4. Give editors and journalists what they’re looking for – Craft pitches that showcase their newsworthiness. The media needs to know why your story is relevant to their readers.
5. Make contact with your editors either personally or via electronic means – Relationships are everything!

Sue Charlton APR

Owner at SJC Creative Member:National Press Club of SA, Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa, SAIIA, SAFREA

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