Public Relations a Crucial Part of Marketing that Delivers in Various Forms

A marketing plan is often made up various marketing activities. Public Relations (PR) is one of these activities, and can drive excellent results as part of an overall marketing plan in support of social media campaigns and other marketing efforts or as a standalone activity. In particular, PR is unique in its ability to positively impact the overall business objectives a company may have through earned media coverage. In an era when more and more people (a 2016 study puts the figure at 420 million individuals globally) are blocking advertising from their online platforms, and simply don’t see advertising in print formats, it’s only too clear that consumers have shown that they want to interact with businesses and brands in other ways. Now businesses, large or small, have to earn the right to engage with people in the first place. This is where PR can make a big difference. Generating media coverage allows businesses to build influence and a relationship with their potential clients. It helps companies stay relevant, cements a positive reputation and provides them with an opportunity to step away from marketing-speak and showcase their human side in their stories.
SJC Creative is a media communications company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company specialises in B2B media relations. email:

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