Talk to Us and We Will Tell Your Story

We are not engineers, but we can write about engineering.

We cannot install hydraulic hose, but we can write about how to.

We don’t drive forklift trucks, but we can write about what they do.


We cannot be experts across all sectors of industry,  but one of the key communication requirements between client and consultant is the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Our main role in media communications is to write about what our clients do in an informed manner. For us to become informed we need the client to communicate with us their technology processes, product applications or business successes – and why they have the edge.

The reverse is also true, our clients do not always know what is news or good content and for whom, photo captions, LinkedIn links, know what editors want or how media works. They expect us as their media consultants to inform and keep them abreast of the changes in requirements for the differing media platforms.

The client/consultant relationship needs to embrace trust and deliver reliability.

Without  commitment and engagement from both sides, one will have a lopsided relationship. That’s not what we are about as communicators, as media consultants. We strive to succeed on behalf of our clients, sharing that success with all involved – an informed partnership, nothing better than achieving that.

Talk to us and we will tell your story.


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