link To Press Brief or not to Press Brief


In today’s fast pace of news and information dissemination via social platforms it is important to know when to press brief or not.

In day’s gone by, press conferences and press briefings were the norm. It was one of the few ways to access information and visuals in tandem.

Now, with social media outlets, access to information is fast, swift – not always accurately researched – but it is out there to be grabbed!

So when should you consider a press briefing? The first thing to do is ascertain who your target media is and to then assess the information or research to hand that you wish to disseminate.

Secondly is your client actually media friendly? Can they think on their feet, do they know their subject matter?

Thirdly, is it crucial to be presented to media in person and are you likely to get them to attend? Would it ‘travel’ better through Twitter for example? Would it have more gravitas to be issued via email with visuals attached to the written form.

Is the content open for debate or discussion with journalists, does your client welcome that kind of forum?

I very seldom recommend press briefs unless the content is strong, informative, relevant and that I feel confident I can receive a decent amount of positive responses for the event – nothing worse than your client catering and preparing for an event that delivers two journalists!

I very seldom recommend press briefs unless I have the confidence that my client can deliver the goods, think on their feet, think out of the box and communicate and interact with  media representatives irrespective of their demeanor or lack of coming forward by sitting still!

We like our clients to be successful in their media relations because of our success in relating to the trials, tribulations and time constraints facing media in today’s quick paced world.

Sue Charlton is the owner of SJC Creative and an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner and member of PRISA (Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa). Sue is also a member of the South African Freelancers Association, SAFREA.



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