Fast and Furious Media

No man is an island, and certainly no country is ever now alone in controversy. In today’s practically immediate-paced news and media space, whether it is Trump, Bowie or Brussels, our very own Zuma-antics has escaped no-one. There is an arrogance to not listening to the people you serve. The media is unlikely to let this ‘sleeping-Zulu’ lie – excuse the pun.



It’s time for Zuma to step down – New York Times editorial

2016-04-03 12:11

New York Times (File)

New York Times (File)


Cape Town – The New York Times has added its voice to calls for President Jacob Zuma to be removed from office.

The influential American newspaper published an editorial stating it was time for Zuma to step down, following the Constitutional Court’s ruling that he and the National Assembly had violated the constitution.

“Cronyism, corruption and scandal have swirled around Jacob Zuma since before he became president of South Africa in May 2009, and the muck has only deepened since,” it said.

The editorial referred to reported links with the Guptas and Zuma’s sacking of finance minister Nhlanhla Nene.

“It is a shame that the ANC, the party of Nelson Mandela, is allowing its moral and political authority to be so grievously eroded by Mr Zuma, instead of bringing his corrupt presidency to an end.”

It said the ANC’s national executive committee was stacked with allies of the president and was evidently loath to take action against him in a year of local government elections.

“Yet the need for action becomes more urgent with every new scandal.”

The editorial said the court’s finding that the president had failed up uphold, defend and respect the Constitution “has been the story of Mr Zuma’s leadership”.

“The president of South Africa is elected by Parliament, which is dominated by the ANC, so a withdrawal of support by the ANC national executive committee would be tantamount to a demand that Mr. Zuma resign. It’s time.”

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