You Get What You Pay For

Discussions with colleagues has revealed that a lot of time goes into compiling quotations for potential clients. Not that we mind, but when  one gets the feedback that in some cases the  entire membership of professional associations will have been approaced for the same quotation is worrying.

What is worrying is that the practice of choosing the cheapest quotation against the best affordable quality of consulting and writing services is still a benchmark for many.

‘Cheap’ can indicate inexperience,  junior level of writing or even badly written work or media liaison.

You get what you pay for in the creative industries.

Most reputable consultants in the media and  writing profession have their eyes on the economy and are sensitive to clients budgets and restrictions, while still offering a quality service without bustin’ da budget!

‘Cheap’ often leads to disatisfaction and a wall of tears tainting those within our profession with the same brush.

You get what you pay for. Go for the quality and affordable option, it will give you the ROI your budget can afford.





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